Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Marriage and Divorce

I have friends that are failed in their marriage, it is sad to know that. Some reasons because they are lack of trust in love and relationship. Sad to say there is betrayal in marriage, I can never forget a friend told me that her husband betrayed her while she is in confinement after having baby. It is important to find the avocat droit divorce montreal.

Some friends told me it is common to see marriage and divorce today. It is not easy being single parent, my friend is single parent of four children. It is complicated love life, when comes to love everyone has their experience and story to tell.

It's tough decision for her but she has no choice but divorce with her husband. They tried marriage consultation and others but it does not help. He just couldn't take it that the daughter he loves so much is not his. They have to find avocat droit familial montreal it is hard for everyone to accept, life goes on.

I have happy to say some friends divorce, they manage find true love in marriage and start a family together. Marriage needs support from each other, nobody likes to end marriage with divorce or find lawyer to settle.


  1. I wanna get married, but maybe I was just too young. Too much to learn :)

  2. Marriage and divorce happens all the time nowadays :(


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