Sunday, April 7, 2013

Guardian Bargain Corner@Subang Parade

There is Guardian Bargain Corner in Subang Parade, this afternoon was there a while. It is going on until Sunday, it in centre court you can never miss it.

Here is info for winner of my giveaway in this blog, postage morning in post office. RD182266858MY.

Anyway i have bought some dye hair products there. I have not seen the brand before the sales girl says it is only sale in saloon. A box RM25 and if you purchase two boxes you get freebie of hair care product! You will need pay first the dye hair products then show recepit for redemption.

Check out my instagram sherrygo to see more pics, not yet snap my haul. 


  1. Congrats to the lucky winner oh and by the way,what does the sales have and what brand is the hair dye?? :D


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