Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free tote bag purchase Female Magazine

Dear readers and followers, I am happy to tell you that there's freebie available. I went to watch movie two nights ago at GSC One Utama and I check out the Mynews stand and found these freebies! I saw three colours of tote available pink, black and grey, the tote is inside the plastic bag of the Female Magazine April 2013 issue.

The Female Magazine cost RM8, I purchased two Female Magazine so total RM16.

Yesterday I was in Borders, The Garden sad to say this already sold out. You may try find this in Mynews but not all the out available.

In Midvalley the MPH bookstore, I saw the free tote bag still available, but I only saw grey colour.

The tote does not have zip, it is big and wide suitable to put jacket/sweather! I am happy to purchase this and for mom like me, you know I can put many things inside. :D

Are you going to purchase the Magazine for the freebie? I must say I am attracted to the freebie more than the magazine :D


  1. Replies
    1. yeah have you check out namesherry about I post up freebie from Cleo magazine?

  2. I super duper love freebies too!!!I remember i saw this freebie before last month when i visited MPH Mid Valley but i didn't buy it,so regret :'(


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