Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Drunk driver bang seven cars near school

Yesterday I was bit late to reach near school to find parking, not long after parking and I head down to the shop area. I heard some moms saying there have been a serious car accident, no casualty but the drunk driver bang seven cars from left side of the road and right side of the road!

One lady driver told my friends and me that she followed the drunk driver car from behind, she saw what happened she thought the driver purposely hit the cars because the roads are narrowed due to cars parking outside the parking area.

Anyway many cars damaged and badly scarred, there is long marked at side of cars! The last car the drunk driver hit was Perodua Kancil and it is badly damaged the front car section. The drunk driver car hits a lorry and the side mirror of car flew off! Yeah Police was at the scene, the lady driver saw the man came out of the car one hand holding his head then sat down on the floor. I don't know if the car owners were there to check on their car, many people says they heard loud bang!

I didn't see the accident happened until they mention it. I didn't see the damaged cars but sound like serious; the car owners will need to repaint their cars!


  1. now days must be extra careful also.. because the accidents come without we know.. rite..

  2. Salam Mesra & selamat berkenalan. Jemputlah berkunjung ke CemmomileNiaga untuk melihat pelbagai barangan.

  3. I never see any car accident live haha

  4. What???Seven cars,omg,this is super serious :O


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