Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Job Opportunities for Pwds/OKU

For your information the meaning of (Pwds) is Persown With Disability, in Bahasa Malay it is Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU).

On Tuesday I attended Carnival Job Opportunities for Pwds at MYDIN USJ. You can read about it by click on the link. MYDIN MOHAMED HOLDINGS BERHAD has got jobs suitable for them.

Below are few categories of OKU.

OKU hearing problem jobs suitable for them will be
Assistant Inventory, Grafic Drawer, Store Assistant, Sales Assistant, Adminstrative Assistant

OKU Pyhsical (hand/leg) jobs suitable for them will be
Assistant Customer Service, Usherer, Assistant Inventory, Assistant Account, Sales Assistant, Store Assistant

OKU Education/Slow learners/Blur Sight jobs suitable for them will be
Security, Assistant Store, Sales Assistant

For more detail you can click above link.

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