Friday, January 11, 2013

Where to buy breastfeeding bra?

If you are breastfeeding mom like me, I am sure you will like to shop for affordable breastfeeding bra. I like to shop at AEON for affordable bra price from RM19.90 if not mistaken. There have padded bra but I find the cup size too big for me.

The other day I purchased two pair of breastfeeding bra. I am happy with the haul because the cutting and design of bra I like it so much. Sometimes the cutting and design not very nice, so if you found the right bra grab two or more. You don't want to go back looking for more when they are sold out. No kidding this happened to me before and now if I spot the affordable and comfort bra I just bought two of them.

Breastfeeding bra is useful to breastfeed baby and for pump breast milk.


  1. i'm searching for that bra hard to get it for me as for the size not that suit me well...


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