Friday, January 4, 2013

Moview Review: Parental Guidance *must watch*

I watched the movie Parental Guidance 2012; it was special screening at MBO Subang Parade at Hall 7. It is funny movie for us and there is rude behaviour in the movie so you may find this movie may not suitable for kids below 13 years old. This movie is rated PG13 which mean it need parental accompany to watch and yeah my son enjoy the movie even though some parts of it he is not understand.

Grandpa Artie got fired from his work and he does not have anything to do. His daughter Alice looking for someones to look after her three children because she wants to go on a trip with her husband. When her parents agree to take care of her children, she is quite worry. The children prefer another grandparents not them. By the way the children don't eat sugar at all, so you may find it quite disturbing when see the kids having the cake.

This is comedy movie; I find the funny part is Grandpa Artie needs to sing song to his grandchild named Barker so that he can poop in the public toilet. Grandpa Artie puts papers on the seating toilet bowl but he refused to sit on it. Barker ended up seating on his lap, Barker finally poop when he listen Artie sang the song with his imaginary friend kangaroo named with it. :D The men in the toilet enjoy his Artie song so much right after he sang the song, they ask him if he could sing again. We have a good laugh there; you got to see it yourself!

The imaginary frined Kangaroo died in the end because got hit by the taxi driver when Artie trying to save Barker from being hit by the taxi as he was running toward the road.

It is a good movie if you have teenager to watch with you. I saw other parents with their teens to watch this movie. Bear in mind this comedy movie mixed of rude behaviour if you don't like rude behaviour you can miss out this movie.

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  1. I have bought the DVD of this movie but i haven't watched it yet :(


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