Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ghost raised kids?! MAMA 2013

Do you believe in ghost? This week I watched the movie the Mama, the two girls lost in woods and there is a lady ghost that the two girls called her mama. The movie is not for weak heart, that's what I feel. You know how's horror movie is like, they scared you!

If you like to watch horror movie, go ahead and watch this. I don't quite understand the starting of the movie why the man killed his wife in the first place. You know I would like to watch this movie again but definitely not alone!

My dear bumped into his friend after the movie and told him of this movie freaks him. LOL

He does not like the ending of the movie, most movie come with good ending but not all of them. I remembered the movie but forgot the name which has many hazes and end of the movie the man killed his daughter and friends in the car. After that he saw the army came.


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