Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 & Happy Start School

Yeah it is 2013 and Happy New Year to all my readers and followers. The New Year Eve, I brought my son to countdown while my dear went for his New Year Eve dinner with his colleagues. Yesterday first day of New Year, we just stay at home but we went out for lunch. At night my son tries to sleep early, he did fall asleep at 9pm but he woke up at 10pm telling he cannot sleep anymore. He watched the movie Karate Kid (Jackie Chan) and (Will Smith's son). He only falls asleep after around 2 am. He woke up 6.30 and had a cup of Milo and a Swiss roll. It is a long day for me today because I accompany him from 7am to 10am. I observed him in class, he and another two classmates helped teachers to carry the exercise books to class. I can no longer stay longer so I head back home first for shower. I had quick breakfast with another mom at the school's canteen. I had burger RM1.50 and a bottle ice lemon RM2. I have empty stomach in the morning and couldn't wait any longer and just nice a friend asks me to have breakfast with her. Her hubby had breakfast at canteen too. Canteen food in school the chicken burger is dry and very hard to swallow if I don't have a drink in hand. First day of school is challenging for all parents specially children in Primary One.


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