Saturday, January 26, 2013

Si Manja Ceria prize!!

My son is very happy and here comes the milk powder for him. I won the offline contests of Peraduan Si Manja Ceria. Here comes the two months supply of Lactogen milk powder, total of nine boxes!

The contest I won last year and we wait patiently for it to come. I have stopped breastfeeding because I don't have anymore milk for him now. I pumped breast milk for him total of 19 months since he was born, he only latched on few times.

Yesterday in Carrefour a sales lady walked towards me trying to sell me milk powder. I didn't purchase, she was selling Annum a brand where my son never try before. Talk of milk powder I miss out a survey which paid good money.

I miss the twins gal I haven't meet them for months, I don't know when we are free to visit them. You know twins gal taking up more milk than my boy? They are one year old now.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, keep up the good work because money cannot buy breast milk!


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