Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Possession movie passes

Do you know any blogger friend? I have know a blogger friend, she is good and always invite me to attend event and workshop. It is wonderful having friend like her, I have decided to give her the passes of The Posession which I received two days ago, last night I went Post Office to put the passes in the Pos Express. The post office is closed but mail boxes available outside the office.

This is a horror movie, it is based on a true story! Have you seen it? I am fan of horror movie, but sometimes the cinema too far I am unable to go watch. Just like the movie Mak Nae I won the passes but so sad the mall, I am not familar even my dear not sure of it decided to lose the chance to watch it.

I hope the passes reach my friend in time to watch it! I check the time table of the movie and mostly late show!

Alright almost time up to fetch my boy! Have a good TGIF everyone!

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