Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Barbie Dolls collection

Well look at my Barbie dolls, I have them since I was kid and some I purchased while in teen. I have one or two Barbie doll not in good shape anymore. What do you suggest? I sell them? I don't have baby girl in the family. I seldom play them anymore. I remembered selling the Barbie dolls clothes last time, the clothes I made for them!

It was fun playing the Barbie dolls when I was young, I even invite my classmate over to my place and play together. We have such good time playing it, I used to have the pink fridge but it was broken so I throw it away. The fridge has got drinks and food can too!

There's more than just Barbie dolls, I even sew and knit clothes for the Barbie dolls. You can see only one boy Barbie dolls most of them are girls, there's a kid and baby too. I will need time to take a group picture of them, do you want to see?

I find some day to post up the Barbie doll fashion show, it would be fun but no fun for my boy because it's for girls play only!

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