Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lost weight the healthy way

I must say that I haven't wear my hot pants for a while, yeah I am wearing them now. Some friends notice I have gained weight because I didn't go for a walk for a month. I don't wear the hot pants if I have PMS.

Talking of lost weight the healthy way, I know every gal loves to have beautiful body who doesn't like? We need to eat and not just on diet all the time, I believe losing weight the best way is eat right and exercise! I love going for walk, I sweat more than just staying at home.

Outdoor activities is fun and healthy, choose the right activity to do it with friends and family. Last night we have fun activity outdoor, it is at night we went for the Tanglung Festival. I know there is festival at Sunway Pyramid because it is late and we didn't go there.

We are so happy to grab the free Tanglung and I have got the pink colour tanglung, son got the orange tanglung and baby got the green tanglung. Only sister-in-law and me gone for the walk at night baby and son take care by dear. During the walk at night with tanglung in hand, we have got Police car escort front and back to keep everyone's in safe hand. After the walk we collect the water bottle to drink, mini moon cake and peanuts to eat.

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