Monday, April 16, 2012

What to eat at Subang Parade?

Last Sunday we head to Subang Parade for dinner, we don't know what to eat. My dear saw the Manhattsnn Fish Market, there is set dinner to choose and after few round to find suitable restaurant we ended up with this. He decided to order the Award Winner plate that cost rm69.90, adding one Pepsi rm5.90, and cheese fries rm6.90. Total spend of the day rm95.95.

My boy wanted to go est chicken rice shop but there is no seating and my dear doesn't like the transparent glass. Yeah you can see through the glass the people eating at Kenny Roger chicken. It is like you are looking at my food and I am looking at yours.

If you are looking for other type of food try the Sunshine Kebab, one set is rm10.90 if you add chips rm11.90. That day I had chicken kebab and I get to choose the sauce for it, also the vege that I want to put. This restaurant is located nearby MPH book store.

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