Monday, April 23, 2012

Nasi Lemak & Asam Laksa @Jusco Midvalley

I love to go Midvalley and one of the reasons I love the asam laksa there. I am sure you know the area it is not far from the Jusco Membership Service Counter. It has been a long time since I visit to Midvalley. I miss the asam laksa there, the taste is not as good as before anymore. The soup of asam laksa is not thick anymore, it taste quite water. No wonder not many people dine there anymore. The nasi lemak my dear saying that it is very spicy!

In the afternoon we were window shopping and we found a nice place to dine. That is Warung and I hope to dine there next time. For the first time my boy is asking to eat mee goreng there! I am not sure when I am going to Midvalley again as we head there because my sister-in-law won a skin care product from a local Magazine contest. The skin care product is a cream which cost RM230, yeah she is so lucky!

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