Monday, April 2, 2012

Product review: Guardian cottony soft 29cm

My period comes on last Sunday when I was at the Bukit Tinggi shopping mall at Klang. I am so glad I have brought this pad along in my sling bag. It is 29 cm long and I like the thickness of this pad. It is not like other sanitary pad that I used, I prefer using this sanitary pad. I am not only using it for night but also for day.

This sanitary pad gives me comfortable feel and it has superior absorbency. It is my first time using this brand and I like it. I don't know that Guardian has sanitary pad until I walk in their shop at IOI Mall the other day. I decided to purchase it for trial.

As for my sister-in-law she finds that this pad is not long enough for her. She prefers the longer sanitary pad to avoid leakage. So far this sanitary pad is good for me, there is no leakage at all. I like this because there is night wing at the side and it doesn't give me uneasy feeling. I know some other type of sanitary pad has rough surface and wing.

Have you try out any sanitary pads from Guardian? What brand of sanitary pad are you using now?

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