Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free ice skating tickets@Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday I bring my nephew and son to Sunway Pyramid for ice skating. My sister-in-law and her daughter go for window shopping. Earlier I bought the online voucher for ice skating membership which free three tickets. I signed up for myself and my son as both of us are member now and we have got the membership card.

The free tickets for ice skating only two tickets for each membership for ice skating. The third ticket will be on the day of birth day! I used free ice skating tickets for myself, my nephew and son. The gloves cost RM8 at the ice skating entrance counter, so you better go Daiso to purchase just RM5. Lucky I bring along my gloves and my son's gloves and socks! If you are not going to ice skating you want go inside to wait you need to pay for entrance fee. There is choice of one entry or unlimited entry for visitor, you just need to pay for it.

There is a food stall near the entrance so yon purchase the food and drink there. The mashed potato with a drink cost RM5, the medium size hot dog cost RM4.50 with or without bread is your choice. My son had two sets of mashed potato with orange juice.

I asked the counter inside regarding the photoshoot of ice skating, I want to know the range of price. The staff is not helpful at all he keeps saying there is package to choose from and unable to tell me the price of package.

If you are going to ice skating at Sunway Pyramid, go purchase online ticket because now there is RM5 off from now until 30 April, 2012.

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