Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RM22 for ten mosquito repellent wristband

As you know I often bring my boy to the playground, my dear insisted me to check out the mosquitoe repellent wristband. I see that it is good deal because you pay only RM22 you get ten pieces of mosquitoe repellent wristband. That day I bought three pieces for RM30!

No kidding! So good deal where are you going to find it again? Again of course you need to wait the good deal to come back again. I can't say it is going to be this price again, why pay more right? Now only RM22 instead of RM50, that's not all you get free delivery to your doorstep within West Malaysia!

Mommy I am sure you want to protect your children and yourself. I don't think this suitable for me as I am breasting my baby boy. This I can put on my bag, I am going to give some mosquitoe repellent wristband my dear because he often needs to go site with mosquitoes. He mentioned to me one of this colleague admitted to hospital due to Denggi!


  1. not sure if you are aware that there are fake bugslock in the market. i was searching for reviews and accidentally saw it.


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