Sunday, March 25, 2012

We love Coolblog

We love Coolblog, you can see the drinks I have got from Coolblog. I purchased the deal milk online and it cost only RM7.50 for three drinks with 2 topping each but I choose not to put topping for one of them as my son don't like anything in his drink. I have got latte, cappucino, and chocolate! My sister-in-law loves the latte very much, she says its very geng!

You still have time to purchase as deal not over yet. Why pay more when you can purchase three drinks for RM7.50 instead of RM14.10.

I am thinking to purchase another voucher so that I can try out other flavour. :D

For more detail click above link to find out. Let me know if you have tried any flavour of Coolblog. Which flavour of Coolblog do you prefer?

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