Monday, March 5, 2012

Ice Skating for mommy and son

How is everyone doing, how was your weekend? I had a great time with my son yesterday, it is his first time to go ice skating. I am thrill to skate with him, it is my fprth time to go ice skating my first time, second time and third time were during my 20s. He is so scare of falling down he grabbed hold of the side glass tightly, he is not alone many beginner that does not know how to skate do the same.

Ice skating is a fun sport, last time I went ice skating with my dear and brother. It was so funny to see the way my brother skate, he is like walking on the ice instead of skate. It is not funny when seeing another person fall down at ice skating rink. I saw some people are good in ice skating, they have purchase the ice skating shoes too.

During the weekend the price for a ticket is RM20, I need to purchase two tickets for myself and my son. I also pay RM4 twice for the big locker because first time I forgot to retrieve the gloves from my bag. We were they nearly noon time and when we decided to go for the ice rink we were stopped because the shoes are not tight enough and they also need to clean the ice rink. If you are not going for ice skating you want to go inside and see you need to pay RM2 per entry. The gloves are selling at RM5 each pair, I have bought mine and son from Daiso. You need to bring your own socks too if not you will need to purchase them. I saw a girl purchase a ticket, a pair of gloves and socks she needs to pay RM33.

I saw a mommy ice skating with her little girl, it is so fun and I know she is good in ice skating. I am not good with ice skating still learning and I also teach my son not to hold the side for so long. Yesterday is indeed fun time for mommy and son, in fact we have got free parking at Sunway Pyramid. The free parking at Sunway Pyramid was on Saturday and Sunway which limit 2000 tickets only. We are so lucky to be among them, when we are out from car park I saw there is no guy standing there to give free ticket anymore, that time is around 5pm.

I spend RM40 for two tickets, RM8 for using the locker twice, almost forgot I bought some food and drink there while waiting for the ice rink to clean up.

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