Friday, March 30, 2012

PF: Baby Sling

I am taking part in Pink Friday, you are looking at pretty flowery baby sling. It is nicely packed in the pink transparent bag.

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  1. Ganda nmn ng pagka pink ng baby sling mo..visiting from PF hope you can visit back..

  2. very pretty and i love the attractive patterns and color.

    here for PF. hope you can visit mine too at

  3. very cute sling :-) lovely color too :-) Dropping by for PF

  4. Baby sling is very useful...From PF!

  5. I super love the color...must be a very comfy fabric!

  6. I never used a sling for fear of dropping my baby ahahha.. But this one's so cuteee!!

    Droping by from PF

  7. How nice the prints!

    And pretty color too!

    Visiting from Pink Fridays!

  8. I need a baby sling.. That one has a beautiful color!

    Visiting for PF- hope you can stop by:)

  9. very colorful and useful baby sling. was here for PF :-)

  10. @Blogista momma ya baby sling is very useful.
    @texas_sweetie I like the pattern too.
    @wifetoalineman02 yeah I love pink.
    @Genny, yes.
    @One Proud Momma,I am like you just need practice alot time.
    @Cookie visit you soon. :D
    @Leah H, I like your pic too with bear. :D
    @gRaSyAh I like your book review.


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