Sunday, March 18, 2012

My new Aeon Member Card from Jusco

I am  so happy I have renew the J card and here I have got the new Aeon Member Card. On the spot I have renew three years membership just pay RM24 instead of RM36. My member card expire on 2013 and I renew for three year it will be 2016 expired.

Look at the design I love it, there are four choices of card and I choose this before I love the color just like rainbow. This card name is People, other choice is Corporate, Peace, and Community. At the service counter the staff say no need hurry to change the card still can use it.

Have you change your J card to Aeon Member Card? Which design of card have you pick?

Do you know that if you exchange your J Card for an Aeon Card it is FREE OF CHARGE from now until 30 April, 2012. Look I have got not just new member card but a pen. My sister-in-law chosen Peace design and she received pink pen.

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