Sunday, March 11, 2012

First time@Milkwaukee Steak House USJ19

This is my first time to dine at Milkwaukee Steak House located at USJ19 the USJ City Mall.
I like the Mushroom soup,in fact we order it again. The bread is so yummy to eat too. You can see the soup inside the bread. My boy who doesn't like mushroom soup fall in love with this! Below picture you are looking at Long John cost RM17.90 and it does not include the cheese. The cheese is taken from the Hawaiian Chicken on the follow picture cost RM23.90.
We have a great time there on the Saturday evening, we wanted to try the Milkwaukee Steak House. I had the Full Loaded Cordon cost RM20.90, this dish not my favourite I prefer the mushroom soup. The mushroom soup cost RM10.90. We ordered chocolate milk shake RM9.90, orange juice RM6, 100 plus RM4.50 and Blue Soda drink RM5.90. Total spending at there RM155.10 inclusive of service charge and gov tax.

Have you been to Milkwaukee Steak House? What is your favourite?

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