Sunday, November 1, 2009

Using concealer as foundation

I do not know much of cosmetics until my mom started using mom. My mom has not learnt to use cosmetics, when my dad was working sometimes they will need to attend dinner. I think my mom starts buying cosmetics to use she not ask about how to use them at all.

One day I saw her using just concealer for her face as foundation, her face is completely pale. I knew that something was not right but back then I was a teenager I don't know much of cosmetics. When I was a kid I love playing my mom lipsticks. I will put them on very often and my mom often scold me for playing her cosmetics. Yes my dad saw my mom face which look so pale, he even says what she has done to her face. All my dad says is that her cosmetics usage is thick but he has no idea that mom used the concealer wrongly. No wonder the concealer finished fast!

Until today my mom still loves to use cosmetics, last year I purchase a makeup set for her. She is still using it, she has got a few selections of lipsticks.

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