Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Fave Drinks

Now let's join in the fun for your favourite drinks. Here we called it Teh Ice, it is mean Tea Ice.

Very often when I am out at the food stall, I will order this because I cannot take coffee. I had coffee before and I will get headache.  Yeah you are seeing another glass here, it is Coffee with milk. My friend is having it, I can tell you that it is thick coffee because of the taste. The milk is at the bottom so you need to stir well before having it.


  1. oh, this is new to me, teh ice..

  2. teh ice is milk tea but its cold with ice :)

  3. milk tea? hmmm sounds good mare!

  4. hi pinaymama,yeah because its with milk. I can say that not all food stall or restaurant have the same tea as they don't taste the same. But it is tea with milk :D

  5. oh my i love the coffee with ice..

    thanks for joining sherry! see u next week and share ur fave chocolate..

    take care!


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