Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My favourite chocolate so far

Yeah this is the cloud 9 chocolate I have got, I have this for supper too. I want to know your favourite chocolate too.

I can easily put on weight but I love chocolate, it can even give me acnes too. I love chocolate but not chocolate drinks funny!

This is wafer twist that you can see, yummy!


  1. aw cloud 9!! sweeet :)

    see u again next week girl.. lets talk about our favorite pastime alright?? seee u!

    girls rule!
    niko's blog
    lover's mushroom
    yena's world
    online trends

    husband of a blogger

  2. my daughter's favorite snack.. i love it too..

  3. i grew up eating cloud 9 too, kakamiss childhood days tuloy.

    here's my GT

  4. hi niko, its fun yay will take part again :)

    hi nuts every kid must love it :)

    hi darly, your link not exist?


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