Monday, November 16, 2009

I want bring mom for a holiday

I hope that I can earn enough money to bring my mom for a holiday. Spending precious time with mom is important but I know she wants more than that. She always wants to go for a holiday, away from here. I think she might want to see Barcelona, I want to show her the hotel Barcelona. I know I will have fun with my mom as there will be just the two of us.

I don't mind dad and my sister coming as long we are stick together. We used to go for holiday together but that was more than five years ago, I missed that so much. The place I want to go will be Paris as the last time we went it was just for a day! I want to stay at hotel Paris and dining there not to forget the pictures taken with the great view.

Bear in mind that you can have everything but spending quality time with family is priceless. Even though you can buy a huge TV, a brand car but why not spend the money on going for holiday together?

Photo from Google image of Barcelona

There are so many places we can go, we should cherish our life and every moment. Take time off and go on a holiday trip. I would say go to Rome for the history and sightseeing, don't forget bring along your digital camera. Check out the hotel Rome for their great offers on hotel reservations.

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