Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meow ring

Meow Ring is one of the handmade jewelry I have got.

This is the gold kitty ring and I love the colour gold compare with the silver. :D

This meow ring is cute and I try to come up with other designed but it is not easy.

By the way I am now watching Maternal Obessesion, I like this movie as I saw the Nanny's daughter. I am sure you remember the comedy Fran's. I love it so much, I cannot believe she is so grown up now.

Gosh this movie is about a mom that not want her daugther to be out of her life. I mean entirely she wants to stop her from dating with man or moving out. She wants her to be with her forever. I think that is selfish, every parent want their kids to be closed but when they are adult they have their own life too.

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