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Staycation at Best Western i-City Shah Alam

How we spend out last weekend? We have a 3 days 2 nights stay in a hotel. We spend the nights at Best Western i-City Shah Alam. How about you, how you spend your weekend? We only checked in the Friday evenin,g no kidding. I am sure you like to know about this My Stay is My Way at Best Western i-City Shah Alam, instead of checking in the normal time of 2pm because busy parenting and son has got tuition on the day. We couldn't make it in time. Glad to see that this hotel offers the flexible check-in time and also check out time. You just need to top up an additional of RM60 nett from your room rate to enjoy. We know check out time is often 12noon, early morning that's the time we always hurry to pack before the clock strike 12noon, now you can personalized your stay at your convenient! 

 So sweet, I found this welcome note of #bwicity, that's not all its also on the TV screen, click on the link to listen as my son read from looking at the TV screen.

Checking in on Friday and we get to choose the Betta Fish for the stay before check out. Yeah it's cute Betta Fish for RM5 each night for each fish during the stay. Just nice as my sons never had a pet fish and these are fighting fishes which we got them in separate. Jasper and Grace are their names! Each Betta Fish are unique as it carries its own name.

About Grace, it will always greet you with this beautiful tail elegantly. An ancient warrior, he has no fear.

About the Jasper, it loves dreaming, quite funny sometimes. He loves fighting. Don't mess with him.
 You are looking at the spacious Deluxe Room, yeah we have got ourselves two rooms. There's connection door in the room. Just nice as the boys can have their own bed. Parents too get to have some privacy. If you like to have a connecting room you got to request for it.
Its important having a connecting room for family as children are still young. I like this hotel as we got to keep our eyes on our children though we are in different room. We can have our inside connecting door opens so that we can go in and out the room easily without stepping out of the hotel's room.

As we checked-in the hotel in the evening surely we feel hungry and thinking what to eat. There's All You Can Eat Seafood BBQ on Friday evening starting at 7pm to 10pm. Dining at alfresco dining area at The View Café on Level 5. This Seafood BBQ eat-all-you-can promo includes a free bottle of beer or mocktail.

Seafood BBQ eat-all-you-can every Friday 7pm to 10pm

You can choose to dine indoor or outdoor of The View Cafe at Level 5. Yeah because it was rainy Friday, we dine indoor that night.

After yummy meal in the night, we headed back to room for rest. We have a good rest in the night as in morning after breakfast buffet we have got plan to play in WaterWorld i-City. Free unlimited WaterWorld access for all Best Western i-City hotel guests! How cool is that, which means that we can access the WaterWorld i-City for many times a day.

Sean has got his eyes on cereals, yeah that's what he had on Saturday's morning and Sunday's morning. He also had the pancakes, and many other food.

Don't forget to bring along your IC and your room key card pouch. You need to show to the counter and there's a form to sign.

After a fun morning in the WaterWorld i-City, my children have a good time playing. There's paddle boat at which he likes paddle. After playtime, we are feeling hungry. What to eat for lunch? Check out New Go Beyond Signature, variety choices namely Cincalok beef, Salmon noodles, Sambal Rollade, Malaysian Spagetti Classic, Satay burger, Tuna miso, Coffee Lamb and Stuffed Tempoya Eggplant.

What about beverage?The beverage Suck It-up menu... We ordered this Masam Manis Fizz calamansi juice with asam moi soda water sugar syrup. , Lime Ginger Nojito inside has sliced ginger, lime, mint leaves and sugar syrup, Sushy Mania fresh watermelon cubes, lime juice with sugar syrup. One more Is Go Green with cucumber, carrot, green apple and celery. Dining in alfresco dining area at The View Café on Level 5 at Best Western i-City.

That's our lunch and we head back the room to rest and watch TV, we bring along the board games. Kids loving it playing the snake and ladder board game. It was rainy in the evening and we have got a good time as I have play along too. It takes a long time to complete the game as the snake kept swallowing us.

In the evening there's rain and we didn't want to get out of the room. Good thing there's Room Service, yeah have anyone tried out the QR code for ordering food? This is their new ordering system! Just scan the QR code it is located at the wall of dressing table in the hotel room.

Having our dinner in the room, enjoying the animation movie at the same time.

I really like the Chicken Club Sandwich its delicious at every bite. Yummy meal for the night before sleep as we have our dinner in room. We continue having some fun time with the snake and ladder board game. It's been raining on the Saturday evening we didn't want to get out of the room.

Scan QR code located near the dressing table, select your food / drinks and click ‘order’. Your meal will be sent straight to your room! Above is the successful order details looks like.

Day 3
In the morning we woke up early to go for breakfast buffet spread at The View Cafe, at Level 5. Yeah when comes to food, there's only one place to go. That's Level 5 in the hotel, I always remembered that. After that, we went for morning walk around the hotel area. It's nice as it brings back lot memories to my son Sean and me when we had a night event together a few years back. Yeah they are changes and Sean no longer a kid now, he's a teenager now.

We also had Sunday Hi-Tea, then headed back to room and then check out at 4pm.

Sunday Hi-Tea from 12.30pm-4pm

family time, dining together at The View Cafe, Level 5

Indeed an amazing stay we have at this hotel. Surely we plan to go again for family staycation. For your information the Itsy Bitsy & City of Lights is nearby the hotel.After checked out of the hotel, we head to nearby mall in Shah Alam.

School holidays coming soon, if you are planning for family time you can consider this hotel. Free unlimited WaterWorld access for all Best Western i-City hotel guests. Call 03-5521 9000 or email to make your room reservation today. 
For more information check out the website

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