Friday, November 29, 2019

2020 year can still wear white shoes

Good day to dear readers and visitors of my blog. Everyone has got busy lifestyle and there's time that we need to pay attention to our children. Especially a mother, you probably know how tough it is juggling your different responsiblities at work and at home.

Coming towards end of the year soon and we as parents we know that we got to shop new shoes for our children. Sharing is caring, I always want to choose the best for my sons. Therefore important for me choose the school shoes that are light weight and COMFORT to wear. Our children are growing, not just their body, their mind but also their little feet too. Important that we find suitable shoes for them to wear, as you know next year is 2020. Children can still wear White Shoes for year 2020 and it's still my first choice to choose white shoes because I find it more hygiene compare to Black shoes. Next year is the final year of wearing white shoes and my sons too agree to wear for the last year.

My children Sean is gonna be 14 years old, that's FORM 2 next year while his little brother gonna be Standard 3 next year. Sharing is caring, Sean's little brother is wearing shoes model 307-0164 W, which is Extra Light Weight!

Wow2wee website has variety of school shoes, white colors win my heart as white shoes hygiene, reduce the risk of mosquitoes bites, and gives the heat dispersion. When my son's shoes get wet, they are easily dry up too!

As for Sean who is Form 2 next year, he knows that everyone in school most of them are wearing shoes with laces. You can see the photo of shoes below, these are shoes model 307-196W.
The Velcro type available and also the Pallas Jass Star Low Cut Shoe Lace, the shoes rubber insole for better rebound (insole not easy to collapse), it is more comfy and it has New fitting (broader fitting). Don't worry if you are thinking that your son might not fit in, they have sizes up to #13. Sean's wearing the size of #11. I must say I understand that it's not easy to find big size shoes, especially for children who are growing up. Whenever I found the suitable shoes for my children, I would stock up a few pairs. Rain or shine we know that children need to wear their school shoes to school.
Don't worry if you thinking about their sizes and whether the shoes fit or not.
If you like to know the measurement check out

With Internet access today, its easier for everyone to shop online. Even sending gifts for loved ones, if you are planning to shop for school shoes, you can buy at or can also buy Pallas shoes at AEON Supermarket.

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