Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Busy Tuesday didn't stop me from doing things I love. Having dry skin can be irritating and itching. Sharing is caring, I found the product that suitable for family to use. Everyone has got their busy lifestyle, skin care is important as not all products are suitable for our children. Have you heard of REMDII? REMDII is a researched product developed by a professor in university and it was launched in year 2017. To know more of the products you can also visit  https://remdii.com/?ref=sherrygo

Here are the four products of REMDII Sensitive:

REMDII Sensitive (Green) is a light, not oily intensive moisturising cream, and contains a full spectrum of tocotrienols and tocopherol. The patented delivery system works at repairing and moisturising the skin from within, while soothes the underneath skin safely, naturally, and effectively. It didn't irritate my son's skin. I tried it too and it's I didn't feel any stickiness on skin.I like the tube size as it's easy for travel use. There's a seal on this product so remember to remove it before using it.
 REMDII Ultra Sensitive (Yellow) is an ultra sensitive moisturising cream with a Skin Mimic Technology ceramide complex on top of a full spectrum of tocotrienols and tocopherol delivered deep into the skin. I like the range of products as its easy for travel use too.

 You can see the difference of before and after application. Above photo is after using it and it didn't dry up my son's skin.

The tube size is easy to use and bring for travel too. Above photo is the yellow cream of REMDII Ultra Sensitive Intensive Barrier Repair Cream. 

REMDII Calming Body Wash (Blue) is a fragrance and SLS free body wash for dry and sensitive skin that contains 60x more potent vitamin E that nourishes your skin from within. This is nice as my son finds it suitable for his skin to use. Its important to find product that clean our skin without causing irritation.
 REMDII Gentle Hair Shampoo (Orange) is a hair shampoo for all hair types, containing 60x more potent vitamin E for deeper penetration. It is also fragrance and SLS free, perfect for sensitive scalps. My son and I tried this too and it didn't irritate our scalp. Sometime my scalp would itch if the shampoo is not suitable for me. Happy to say that this product suitable for me to use too.

The key features of the products REMDII, that good to share this info with everyone :
1) Contains Natural Vitamin E
2) Suitable for all, including sensitive skin and baby's skin
3) No paraben, no steroid, no colorant, no fragrance
4) Used by doctors
5) Available in more than 200 clinics and pharmacies
6) >10,000 successful cases
7)Clinical and researched proven

 For more info can visit
  - Facebook : REMDII Health and Skincare
- Instagram: remdiisensitive official


Sharing is caring, we need to find suitable skin care products not just for ourselves but for our children too. This range of products is suitable for the whole family to use.

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