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Everyone has got busy lifestyle, especially parents. How do you take sometimes off for me time? Sharing is caring, I haven't been to Japan but I like seeing their items of Japan. For now I have several preloved items of Japan. I am going to tell you that whats new in town of Subang Jaya.  Tomorrow is the opening of J-HUNT, it is located at 2nd Floor of AEON BIG Subang Jaya.

J-HUNT, THE MOTTAINAI STORE. Their philosophy EMBRACING THE CARE of Planet Earth by not throwing away items carelessly.J-HUNT showcases the VALUE of pre-loved items for retail.

What is MONTTAINAI? It is a Japanese form which means "to have respect for the resources, not to waste them, and to use them with a sense of gratitude". This word is closely related to the preservation of ecology and the concept of 3R's
I am sure everyone would know the meaning of 3R's, that's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and adding 1 more, Respect. 

One man's thrash is another man's treasure

Items are cleaned and restored

Items are not discarded but value-added

A new shopping experience at J-HUNT, you can have a happy treasure hunting ground for pre-loved items, many brand new items, premium items, and collector's items.

It's indeed a shopper's paradise promising wide assortment in 10 categories:
Musical instruments

It's the vintage lane, bringing Japan to Malaysia. Vintage Lane showcases the history, culture and traditional art forms of the Japanese. Much of the traditional art forms seen in VINTAGE LANE originate from the Tokugawa Shogunate during the Edo period (1600-1868).

 Spot the Samurai helmets, the Fortune cats, the traditional crafted chests, the decorated porcelain, and the native wooden dolls, the crafted cast iron tea pots and many traditional items that are still seen in Japanese homes today.

If you are looking to shop for rare premium items from Japan, head to J-HUNT. All items on sale has been screened, and pig-skin products are banned.

 My son so happy with this red jacket, it's even his first time having a jacket in red color.
 Look what I found, each of the dresses I tried out cost RM20 each.
Do you want to guess which that I have purchased?
What better way to spend our day?
That's shopping therapy for mommies, yeah Syafiera found many nice bags and the one she's holding cost just RM10. While the one sling bag that I am holding is RM15.

If didn't have any plan for this long holidays, you can make your way to J-HUNT.

Shopping for preloved Japan products and if you like to get mystery gift on 25 October 2019 that's this Friday, do what at J-Hunt at 010-2026372 'I LOVE JHUNT". Be the 1st 100 now to whatapp immediately.

I am sure you like to see more, click on the video to view it. I spotted so many ladies shoes and kids shoes too. I am sure parents would love to bring their children to check out the shoes and maybe the toys area too.

Each item is unique and different from another, so if you spotted it do keep in your shopping basket. No worry as their shelves are re-stock on a daily basis.

Now the best part has come for the contest lover. I am sure you want to know how to win RM3000 cash from J-HUNT. For more information you can visit

You need to video your shopping moment in J-HUNT and upload it in your Instagram/Facebook caption I LOVE JHUNT BECAUSE... 
Don't forget to tag ten of your friends and hash tag

Look at this photo, where I stand is the permanent photo-wall which has been created for shoppers to record their shopping experience at J-HUNT!

J-HUNT, a retailer with a heart has following the footsteps of Mottainai Volunteer Project. J-HUNT support the disadvantaged and give back to society. As part of their CSR program, the company recruits from the Orang Asli community and train them for meaningful work. Recruiting from other disadvantaged groups like the deaf and mute are next in line.

Don't just read here, now you can plan your date and visit the J-HUNT for yourself or with loved ones. 


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