Friday, October 13, 2017

Personalized Mug @WePrintGift

my name on the mug, so family member's know that is my mug
 Good morning everyone, it's a beautiful Sunday there's rain and now sunny day. Sean is at school attending the One Malaysia Sport's Day. Later we'll need to go fetch him from school, so today I am going to share with you about the mug I have personalized at WePrintGift. You can view on my blog posts which I have done before on Mother's Day mug, that I present for my mom you can click on the link to view it.

Loving to have mug because we used mug daily for beverage. I love the choice of mug I have chosen here. The mug came by courier of Skynet, it has a box inside in the courier which has the bubble wrapper around it.
The photo I chosen for my mug 1st is Kids Tour Guide which my son has taken part during the weekends. Another photo which I have chosen is family photo, yeah as you can see this mug can fit in not just one photo but two photos. I love this mug very much, there's never too many mugs for me because each mug will be unique and special to me.

I like this mug, it has my name on it, so everyone knows that this is mug belong to me. This is mug can be use not only at home but at office too. I am sure you like to own a mug that is belong to you. I prefer to have my name on the mug so that other's would know that this is mine and not be using it. This is one of the reasons I like personalized mug. 

Now more info about this white mug, as following:
  • white mug
  • ceramic
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • 3.25" Diameter, 3.75" Height
  • Available in 11oz
  • Available in Glossy & Matte type
  • Fully printed with monogram, logo or any images on the surface. 
  • Grade AA Mug with Premium Quality
  • No Minimum Order Require (MOQ) 

Don't you love to make some mugs for loved ones or yourself? Nice gift ideas for loved ones and some friends ask me what gift for Christmas and I say why not choose a personalized mug?

If you have enquiry, you can also email:


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