Sunday, October 15, 2017

Candy Walkathon @Main Place USJ

Good evening to everyone, happy to share with you that this morning is a good day and there's no rain. We have a good time at The Candy Walkathon at Main Place USJ.Sunday usually we are indoor and today it's different because we spend good time sweat it out at outdoor. We parked not far from the mall and the usual place we parked near DIM SUM are fully parked. We rounded three times there, we can see most participants parking nearby the mall to go for the healthy walk together. Some participants prefer to run, some participants prefer to walk. Well we would prefer to walk as we are not on Marathon and jogging will be nice too.

good time with my boys, photo credit my dear for snap

Thanks to my dear that willing to accompany us for the walk, he says he had knee pain but it didn't stop him for healthy walking together. You can view some photos taken using my phone, watch the video above. Many family and their friends have a good time at the walkathon, yeah kids would be a bit cranky and asking when over. I am happy that sons walk together and Sean holding his little brother hand.

After the walk, it was a long queue to take the medal and I was holding little one so I am not able to show you how crowded and long queue it was. It was early morning before 9am. The queue for metal takes longer than last year, but we have Teh Tarik panas (hot) while queue. There's queue for taking photo with Mandy and cute decoration on stage that we didn't queue up to take a photo.

It's a day well spend with family then we headed another restaurant in USJ, Subang Jaya for breakfast and then head home. After that out again for morning market (pasar) to shop for groceries. Not just a metal we get but also banana, view the video and you'll see.

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