Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Coala Gibb Spine- Care Bag

Being mom of two boys, I am always on the go because of my sons. I am also a concern parent about my kids's education especially the school bags that they are using. We need to find suitable backpack for children as this bag is suitable for them because it is ergonomically designed for child's back comfort. Being parents we not just concern of their education but health too, I am glad my sons are happy with the bag of Coala Gibb Spine - Care Bag. The bag is made in Hong Kong, it used material Oxford Textile and waterproof material.

 How often do we find that bag that has name card with it? This bag has got a name card that we can slot in the bag for the child's name, class and school. My little one who is going to be Standard One next year has just started using this bag, as you can see below photo of his books, pencil box, color pencil box, tumbler and breakfast box. Yeah the compartment of the zip outside bag can fit the breakfast box.

nicely fit in books and exercise books, pencil box and color pencil box and breakfast box in bag.
Besides that, if you didn't want to put the breakfast box you can put in tissues inside. It has a cute Coala's logo on the bag shoulder.
 Are you a parent like me that would check on children's bag on whether they still have enough tissues in the bag or not. As I know son's school didn't have tissue provide in the restroom. There's another compartment on bag that we can place wet tissues inside. You view the video above to see.
 With top compartments you can see on the above photo, it has two zippers. It is convenient and easy to use, easy to zip the bag. There's guarantee on this zipper which the seller will check on the condition of the bag.
 Write your child's name, class and school's name on the card for the bag. This is important as there was time that my son told me that it happened in school someone using the same bag and they have mistook it home and they have no idea whose bag it belong too though there's name on the book.
 The bag used material Oxford Textile, and waterproof material. Safety buckle keeps the bag intact. The back of the bag has got the ergonomically designed for child's back and my son says he doesn't feel sweaty or hot when using the bag.
Tumbler can easily place at side of the bag, there's another one pocket on the other side of the bag.
The spacious compartments in the bag, which allow you to neatly organize the books and stationery.
Below picture is where my Standard 5 son used for his school, it consists of 30 exercise books and other text books and files.

The bag is not like other normal bags that I have bought for my son. This bag has ergonomically designed for child's back comfort and my son feels the difference after using the bag. He says it's light and suitable for him to use for daily schooling. Even his brother is using it at Kindergarten.
The bag is 40cm x 16cm x 30cm, it maybe difference by 1cm due to handmade. Now you can check out their website for the purchase of this bag if you have interest to shop for child's bag.

You can view my video below on Unboxing the Big Box, yeah this is big box, contained of  two bags  Coala Gibb Spine - Care Bag.

Smarter Pack: One Coala Gibb Spine - Care Bag is RM179.90
Smart Pack: Two Coala Gibb Spine- Care Bag is RM339.90.

There's other colors available which are Pink and Yellow Colour. Pink color is nice gift for school girls, Yellow color can be nice for the boys. It is up to you on desire of Pink color or Yellow color, do visit their website Coala Gibb Spine - Care Bag for more details, click the link to purchase. With purchase of two items and above you are entitle for Free Shipping in Malaysia.

To my readers, you can enjoy RM20 off using the promo code: SHERRYxGB to shop online. Hurry grab this deal now as the promo code only valid for a month starting from 16 October 2017.

My sons are happy with the bags and Sean who is going to be Standard 6 next year, he says that one day it rained and bag was waterproof. Little bro is happy too using the bag for his final preschool, next year he's going to be Standard One same school as his big brother.

Now if you are looking for presents or Christmas gift ideas, why not consider this for them.

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