Wednesday, May 17, 2017


 It's after school, waited Sean's to finish his scout activities at school before coming to Sunway Pyramid. It's mom and son time out for today and I brought him to eat at SANDWICH EXPRESS. It's located at Level 1, same floor as Maxis. The SANDWICH EXPRESS is newly opened just four months, glad to find this place to dine with my son as we wanna have a healthy and affordable lunch together.
First Sean choose what he wants to eat and he wanted to eat the Chicken Mayo, then to choose which type of breads to have, and my son's chosen the original bread.
Then the staff asked if he wants to have cheese on it, I say yes. Variety of veggie toppings to choose from namely cabbage, coral, cucumber, tomato, mixed capsicum and onion. Veggie toppings Sean chosen to have only coral and tomato to eat.
So many sauces to try and Sean's chosen nacho cheese with mayo and he likes it. For me I chosen the garlic sauce with hot and spicy sauce for my Special Roasted Chicken.

 Above is mine, I chosen the Special Roasted Chicken. I chosen this and this cost RM9.90.
If you didn't feel like having any bread for lunch or for your meal. You can also choose salad.
Topping for walnut will be extra charge, if not Chicken slice salad just add on RM1 for it mean RM10.90 for this Salad.
yummy Chicken Slice Salad with walnut to share with son
 It's Wednesday and Classic Chicken Mayo is RM6.99, Sean chosen this to eat. We enjoy ourselves and didn't finish the salad and took it home. I

Don't just read here if you have interest to know where it is, here's the address.
Sunway Pyramid
Unit F1.58F, Level 1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
603-5885 4756

Stall 19,
Rasa Food Arena,
Level 4, Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur.
6018-368 2208

AEON MALL, Klebang Ipoh
605-2922 208

69, Jalan Raja Ekram,
30450 Ipoh, Perak.
605-2422 208

You can also follow them on Facebook SANDWICH EXPRESS
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