Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day @Catherine's Cakery Studio

happy WL with the cupcakes, he loves the buddy alot
 Happy Mother's Day to dear readers and visitors that are mommy like me. How do you spend the Mother's Day? I spend the afternoon at Catherine's Cakery Studio which is located at Tropicana Avenue, went there by waze and follow the free parking sign to park at basement. It's in the building, so if you plan to have a private cupcakes workshop or cake artistry course you can give Catherine a call.
 It's a fun family time we spend the time there with other bloggers too. My WL loves play the bunny fondant and he wanted to make one by himself too. Thanks to Catherine who patiently teaching and guide him on how to make, he has a great time at the workshop.
 He's so happy with the Buddy cupcake, he wanted to eat it right away! He did start eating in the car, he says he likes it. There's also pinky bear which some bloggers chosen to make, everyone can start be creative on what they like to make not just bear or bunny.
If you are looking for customize cakes, cupcakes and dessert can find Catherine. Last year I had my son's 5 years old Hulk Cake customize by her. If you are thinking to throw a party soon, do

customize Hulk Cake fist, WL's 5years old birthday last year.

Delicious cakes baked by Catherine, Red Velvet, Carrot cake and Lemon Pound Cake.

cupcakes workshop, lots of cupcakes awaiting to be decorate
 While some bloggers are on the cupcakes workshop, Sean and WL with Tommy blogger having a good time playing kinetic sands.
 You can find Catherine Cakery online at Facebook or Instagram
The workshop was held at Catherine's Cakery Studio at Tropicana Avenue. 
A1005, Tropicana Avenue, PJU 3, 47000 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
You can also give Catherine if you like to customize cake for loved ones, or would like to have a private cupcake sessions. 
Catherine 012-392 1217, email her at 

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  1. Wow it looks so nyums!! Happy mother's day Sherry :)

  2. Frankly speaking, the cake is awesome. Especially lemon cake. Fun learning for the figuring.

  3. yet to try their cake. looks delicious oh


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