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Avoid these 10 HDB or Condos staging mistakes that can cost you a sale

Staging your resale HDB or condos can be inexpensive and a fun experience that will significantly affect the amount of leverage you have when negotiating the sale of your home but first you need to know where to start. Haphazardly staging your apartment without a plan or guide to what you are doing will result in a staged home that lacks a cohesive flow and missed opportunities.

Specialists say it's important not to confuse interior design with staging, which the same thing, says Susan Goldstein, design overseer of Studio D. ."Interior design is geared to the homeowner's taste and personal desire, " the lady explains, while "staging is about putting enough furniture in a space so that buyers can picture themselves surviving in the home and how their furniture will easily fit in.

Staging is a form of "visual merchandising, " this is according to a real estate agent Gordon Roberts of Sotheby's. "The purpose of staging is to flatter the apartment but not be too clear about it, like being properly dressed without drawing attention to what you're wearing. " If you hire a professional stager, have your broker manage the staging, or insist on a totally do-it-yourself approach. Avoid these apartment staging mistakes if you want to sell your apartment."

1. Burned out bulbs must be replaced.
This is huge. Because you live in your apartment, you will become less aware of things you see every day including the third bulb that burned away over the bathroom hand mirror six months ago. Consider a family member or friend who doesn't live with you through your home and see if they notice any worn out bulbs that you might have missed. Exhausted bulbs mean lack of maintenance to a home buyer and they will gladly deduct dollars (in thousand dollar increments) if they suspect they may have to do a whole lot of before moving in.

2. Take out excess big furniture.
Another common mistake most apartment owners make when staging an apartment is leaving their large furniture sets in an area. Huge furniture will dominate any room, especially smaller rooms, so consider a little of the non-essential sitting space out of a tiny living room to highlight the available square video footage. Poor lighting and Dark furniture don't mix! Within the topic of large furniture, dark furniture can be equally harmful to your apartments ability to show well. Furniture being large in nature, dark furniture pulls the attention towards it. Unless your home features many expansive house windows that allow sunlight to illuminate the entire room throughout the day, stay away from dark furniture.

3. Do not Present An Unintended Distraction.
The artwork in the photography of the kitchen was so HUGE, both about the scale the piece of art as well as its subject, a set of hands reaching away from the frame, that a buyer's eyes will immediately go towards it, rather than the kitchen. This is such a huge distraction. Ensure that the buyer sees the intended center point, not something else. People have discussed about this topic immensely in Zillow.

4. Detach yourself from your apartment.
Forgetting your apartment is extremely tough to do, but it's better to develop thick pores and skin about your home now. Therefore you don't take buyer feedback on your house personally. One key aspect to forgetting your apartment is to eliminate photographs of family and other personal effects that may hold sentimental value. When you entertain home, you should just be displaying the house and not family photos or attractive furnishings. Once buyers lose focus, it is next to impossible, so they can redouble on touring your apartment.

5. Too Much Clutter and Outdated features and Furniture.
The counters in this same kitchen had too many knickknacks and plates on display. clutter. Pare down the decorations on the counter and limit countertop appliances to no more than three. The kitchen set and lighting permanent fixture overhead scream early 1990's (that's almost two decades ago). These should get substituted. All ou want your customers to aspire to the lifestyle portrayed.

6. Overcrowding with Furniture.
Your living room experienced a fairly easy chair that was unnecessary for the sitting arrangement which was already depicted with an L-shaped couch. It was too big and was crowding the room and even impinging on the kitchen area. An excessive amount of furniture tells customers there's not enough space for everything and the room are too small, and will leave the buyer with a sense of claustrophobia.

7. Keep the Exercise Equipment Out of the Bedroom.
In such a case, the exercise bike was blocking the closet and tells the buyer will be certainly not enough room to accommodate anything in this apartment. This being another room in the same apartment, the image showed a large treadmill in a tiny room with a Tv, a desk, and a couch.

8. Poor lighting.
Just how effective the vibe of the apartment will depend on the light both from inside and out, says real property broker Deanna Kory of Corcoran, who has recently been staging apartments for more than a decade. "You need to use Lamoureux light for a drier, more inviting glow. Enjoy out for the cool light or 'green cast' in certain of the modern cost effective bulbs, " the lady says.

"The ones to look for are the warm/soft white or daytime variety--but be warned that daylight turns up useful info well everywhere. We've also seen six-light chandeliers with two or 3 different bulbs--that's a hugely bad thing, " says Kory. "Light is one of the main things that buyers are looking for, " wants Pinkerton. "No matter how light and bright you think your apartment is already, in the wattage. If perhaps you only have a ceiling light in a living room, buy an inexpensive floor or table lamp. Work with three points of light per room. That can be two table lamps and a floor lamp, or three table lamps.”

9. Master Bedrooms and Other Rooms Doubling as kid's Rooms.
Keeping the crib in the master bedroom tells a potential buyer with children that there is not enough room for them in this apartment. It may be that the crib is in the bedroom because the parents want to be near their infant, but it should not be shown in a photo, nor during an open house or viewing. Is that a playpen I see in the foyer. This is entirely unacceptable. Not only does a potential client stumble upon this when walking through the front door, but they are also told: "there is not enough room in this apartment for your baby's things."

10 . Not Showing Outdoor Space to its Fullest Potential and Having Too Personal a Color Scheme.
Having an apartment in any city with outdoor space is a premium. When stepping out onto the patio pictured in the photo, buyers should think "Aaah...I can not wait to be sitting out here relaxing and reading my book or entertaining my friends". While I know it's winter, do we need to see the collection of empty pots? These should be stored away and out of view. If possible, the furniture at the far right end should be brought here, so it is the first thing the buyer sees.

The furniture in a living room in another listing shows a green couch, a red TV console, blue walls, and a black and white end table. It is too young and colorful and hip to appeal to the broad range of buyers. The red console and the zebra end table at the very least should be replaced with more neutral pieces, and the blue wall painted a more neutral color.

The above are tips about the top most mistakes to avoid when staging your resale; The tips will give you an idea of some simple mistakes homeowners make when presenting their home for sale.


  1. What awesome tips for those who are putting their flat up for sale. We can in fact, adopt these tips on houses and other properties as well.

  2. Most people get so excited when it comes to a new house. But most people excited, but no money already to do the deco. haha

  3. That's really good tips that I wouldn't have thought off if I were to sell my place. I think one of the hardest thing to do is to feel detached from the house cos over the years the relationship would have built up.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I shall use the infor to get a suitable new house for my family.

  5. these tips are really useful when I want to rent out my place too...thanks dear for the tips!

  6. I Like point 2,6and 8. I mean if those mistakes are fixed then the room will be Luxury to relax


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