Sunday, July 12, 2015

UPSR Exam 8 September to 10 September

I received a notice from school that the UPSR exam is on 8 September to 10 September. The trial exam for USPR for the school is on 11 August to 13 August 2015.

My friend's son has just finish the July exam but not for my son. He haven't exam for this July, so he still have time for revision.

For next year Standard 1 students, parents can check out from 3 August to 28 August whether their child has selected to go the school they selected or not. Most children aged of 6 years old has taken the test last month in school.

Well here comes the news when to collection of record cards of children. Selected students which has weak results will receive a letter from school to meet with teachers for further discussion. Selected students, the parents need to go to school on 31 July at 10 am in the morning.

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