Friday, July 10, 2015

Road accidents during festive season

It's festive season, so everyone do drive safe and don't speed. This morning I on way to go pick up my son from tuition centre and I saw it's a long queue of cars at traffic light. I saw two cars in terrible condition, one car without air bag and windscreen is badly damage. An ambulance has come to pick up the injury driver to hospital. Two cars collision near the traffic light of USJ 5 and USJ 4.

In another accident, a blogger friend of mine had a minor injury too but his car accidents was last night. A motorcycle speeding and hit pedestrian then hitting his car.

Talking about road accidents, I have to decline some invitation for food review. One of the reasons is the venue is far away from me, I need to drive in the night so that's a bad idea because waze app always bring me a long way home and I often get lost. No doubt without waze app, I maybe more lost.

There was an event I attended in Kuala Lumpur, it was over at 6 pm then heavy traffic jam plus rain for me to get home. I reached home at 8pm in the night, 2 hours of traffic jam and holding your pee which is serious as federal highway doesn't have any stop for toilet break.

Oh well, let's get back to road safety yeah, drive safe and always check your car headlights and tail lights make sure everything is working.

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