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First World Hotel Tower 2 Annex Room, Genting Highlands

Good afternoon, how's everyone doing? It's July, early half of year 2015 passed. Have you tried dining at Rajawali Coffee House? I blogged about the Ramadhan buffet dinner, you can click to read.
It was early morning I arrived at First World Hotel, Genting Highland. The friendly staff of First World Hotel, introducing us on how to use the Express Self Check-in Kiosk. 
It's a touch screen machine that you can select language of Chinese or English to begin. This system comes with duo language, allows check-in within few minutes.

I like going to Genting Highland for the mountain air, Resorts World Genting is set to be the largest integrated resort in the region. They have new features offers from accommodation to entertainment to F&B.

Combining Tower 1, Tower 2 and now Tower 2 Annex, check-in is made more efficient with the E-Kiosk self check-in system. You can find this E-Kiosk available because they are 29 units of E-Kiosk out of which 23 units are located at Tower 1 lobby and six units at Tower 2Annex lobby.

We used the E-Kiosk at Tower 2Annex lobby during the check out on next day.
Checking out is made easy with Check-out E-Kiosk, there are 15 units located at Tower 1 and Tower 2 and four units at Tower 2Annex. 

Some friends who have been there would know about this as they have pre-paid advance booking can check-in via E-Kiosk by using their membership cards, MyKad or Passport.

Not far from the E-Kiosk machine you can find the Terminal 2 Cafe, it is located in the lobby of Tower 2A. Terminal 2 Cafe features freshly baked pastries, soups, snacks and beverages from 7.30pm to midnight. For traveler who needs wi-fi check find that they have complimentary wi-fi, they have 48 seats for those who want to dine in. 

Here's my room in First World Tower 2 Annex Room, located at 21st Floor, room number 21864.
You can put your travel kit if you have shampoo or body gel in travel size.
Look above picture on the left has the 3-in-1 liquid soap. On the right picture is to show you there's a space there for putting the travel size shampoo or body gel of your own.

The new annex makes better use of space, compared to the initial two towers of First World Hotel.
The separate standing shower and toilet that comes with 3-in-1 liquid soap, shower cap, sanitary bag and bar soap.

Frosted lime green glass walls acts as divider between the toilet, shower and sink. There's a hair dyer in the room.
The above mini sink is inside the toilet.

This is Tower 2Annex room, you are looking at the XYZ Deluxe room.
My room XYZ Deluxe room comes with two single beds, other XYZ Deluxe room may come with just one queen bed.

Designed to be functional but yet chic, its suitable for guest of two to three people.
If everyone likes to do something different at the same time for example brush teeth,
take a shower, going to use the toilet. 
The room has the wooden floor, warm sand colour. The rooms with a open hanging cupboard provides good storage space. I hang the jackets there during my stay.

Being Malaysian, I am sure nobody can lives without refreshments. There's kettle with tea and cofee-making facilities in the room. 
The room has a 32" flat screen television with in-house and local channels, telephone, mini fridge that we used to put our water bottle. A large laptop-sized in-room safe that my dear used to put his laptop, I also share this safe with him putting my skincare product inside. With international socket and USB powered lan access point you can find the ease to charge your phone.

Last year in November we book stay First World Hotel rooms, the room with connecting room Superior Deluxe Room, in Tower 2

We also tour the World Club Room during our stay at First World Hotel. 
This World Club Room is spacious, the toilet is standing shower.
The room looks new because it has been refurnished. 

Here's another World Club Room, it is located in Tower 2, the room is smaller but checkout the size of the toilet.
There are bath tub and standing shower available.
Now you know the difference of two World Club Room, which is your favourite?
This World Club Room in Tower 2, with not just a bath tub also a standing shower.
The Tower 2Annex has altogether 1286 rooms, the new rooms with new names such as XYZ Deluxe and XYZ Triple. XYZ Triple offers one single bed and one queen bed. This room is ideal for big family as you can see there's a connecting room, you can request extra room for your family.

For your info, the First World Tower 2 Annex has undergone about one-and-a-half years of planning and renovations at the cost of RM300 million. That's why now everyone can enjoy a trendy and chic three-star hotel.

Phase One of the extension opened with 412 rooms and the balance of 874 is targeted to open soon, bringing the total to 1,286 rooms. The overall number of rooms at the hotel will ultimately be 7,351 - making it one of the largest hotels in the world.
My sons do enjoy themselves look at the delicious food they have.

Do you want to know where we have Ramadhan dinner in the evening? We sit the bus from First World Hotel to Awana Genting, we dine at Rajawali Coffee House, click the link to read more.

Don't forget that the outdoor 20th Century Fox World Theme Park will open in 2016.  We are excited about it, by the way my son is the kid blogger of Resorts World Genting, he has done his blog post on First World Hotel, Tower 2 Annex Room Review, click on the link to read about his post. Thank you.

For more information, you can visit www.rwgenting.com


  1. i like the wall deco very nice!
    hope you enjoy the time with yout family :)

  2. Serious long time never visit here. I need to make time to visit Genting again one day. The room look nice and comfy. http://www.princesscindyrina.com

  3. Useful review...thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your post, the rooms and buffet look nice. And you guys looked happy in the pics :)

  5. I love the room interior decoration.. green looks very fresh!

    1. yeah my favourite green too, I like eat green apples :D

  6. Looks luxury! I'm pretty sure it is a great place for couple and family to chill out! :D

    1. yeah for big family, they can find better room to stay or room with connecting room. :D

  7. it was a fun time in genting, regardless no themepark, but everything still goes on there, shopping, food and of coz cold air

  8. No more bath tub! LOL it's one of my favourite parts of staying in Genting

    1. yeah no more bath tub, unless you stay in other type of room.

  9. thanks for sharing this!i can't wait for the theme park to be re-open !woots

  10. It has been ages since I last been up to Genting. Now so 'canggih' eh the hotel haha.

  11. The first World Club room looks awesome! It has been ages since I went to Genting's.

    1. yeah I also like the First World Club room, I prefer the one with bath tub. :D

  12. It looked simplistic and modern. Just what I liked. Maybe I could stay the next time I visit Genting. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love the cool design that Genting use. Comfortable.

  14. The room is very studio like and e-check in and out kiosk, that is very new for me, I feel so outdated lolx... Btw your kid is a blogger?! How cool is that! I wish my boy can be a kid blogger too in future but he's still 8mo hehe long long way to go! Thx for sharing btw hehe

    1. Hi Sebrinah Yeo, yes my son is kid blogger. Hehe.. now with e-Kiosk is convenient for everyone.

  15. Want to go again sure stay in this room too

    1. Hi John Lu, stay in this room again? Hehe.. hopefully getting a room with bathtub.

  16. Next time go genting can see it already. Last time going, it was still under construction, very noisy.

  17. everyone's been blogging about this! Making me wanna make a trip up there

    1. yeah bloggers receive invites for room review :D

  18. Seems like a great place! I would visit there again once the theme park reopen!!


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