Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's not baby bump just layered of fats

Tomorrow back to school, so mommies are you ready to get start with school tomorrow? Yeah sending children to school then fetching them back or sending them to next destination maybe tuition or other activities. I have friends with schedule plan for their children. As for me, I have too as my son is poor in some subjects in school. He needs to attend tuition center to learn and get knowledge though I can try teaching him but bad news is he's not listening and it takes longer time to do. I saw his books and exercises, it's all getting tougher and harder which gives me out of hands to teach. I can't even read some words which printed in mandarin. Though we know the exam and studies are getting harder and tougher, we not giving up yet, but some parents have choose to transfer their child to another school. Some of them can fork out money for private or international school, but we can't afford so we prefer to continue this school. He knows he's poor in few subjects and he has no interest of changing school, he says he would try his best.

Anyway I put up the title up baby bump as many people even relatives think that I am expecting again. Oh well, I am not it's just layered of fats I am gaining. Yeah gaining weight for me is easy and losing weight is tough for me.

It's fifth day of Hari Raya today, we just stay at home beside sending son to tuition. My dear starts work tomorrow as he took leaves to rest at home. This coming Thursday my dad will have his right eye's laser. My dad told me it cost RM3200 each time laser, it's a cost for health and better eye sight. He's already have high blood pressure for many years, now he's also taking medicines of diabetes and high cholesterol. Is it due to aging? He is 70 years old this coming December.

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