Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We need car to go places

I see many cars on the road today, no doubt cars are important transportation we used on the road. Talking of cars and transportation, I found this amazing site to share with you. We have public bus, train and other transportation. Somebody prefer having car to go places today, somebody choose to wait for the bus to come but not everyone because of packed bus with crowded people.

Many parents prefer to send their children by cars to school or kindergarten. Some parents even seek for private transportation for the children. Everyone find it safer with car and unlike packed as school bus or mini van. No doubt we are having more and more cars today on the road.

I find parents are willing to purchase cars for their children to go college or University for their children's safety. Somebody told me that bus is provided by college but it takes a long time for them to return home. If you have a choice I am sure you choose the best transportation for your child that is affordable to you.

During my college days, I use public transportation by buses. I took few buses to reach the college. After a year I decided to train and LRT to reach college. We see the benefits of having a car and not having a car. If we go shopping for weekly grocery, car be better option as we put in the groceries.

What do you think the biggest worry when buying a car? I think it is the finance, and how many years you need to finance the car. You either choose to buy new car or second hand car, my dad chooses second hand car because of cheaper price.

If you have interest to know about the amazing site, click on the link above.

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