Friday, July 25, 2014

My toddler almost choke to death

It's scary moment that I want to share with everyone, whether you are parent or not. We should always watch out everything around us. One night my toddler chocked on the toy he hold in his hand. It was a Lego toy which he dismember the bod part of the Iron Man and put in his mouth. Lucky my sister-in-law saw it happened and faster pat his back very hard so that he vomits out the part of Lego in his mouth. It's not just the toy he vomited but also milk everywhere on sister-in-law's bed.

It was at night, it happen so fast. It doesn't matter if the Lego is big or small. Though it stated not suitable for 3 yr old and below, he has passed 3 years old but he's still naughty putting everything in mouth no matter food or non food item.

It's not mini Lego, it's medium size Lego that comes with characters of Avengers.

Anyway I am glad he's alright, still we need to becareful of what's he's taking and watch over him. It's a lesson we never forget.

It was quick action by my sister-in-law that save my son's life. According to my sister-in-law it was the hand part of the toy that he was choking.


  1. Luckily he's ok. Must be extra careful!

    1. yes, it's scary, though my son manage to throw up the Lego he still wants to get hold of it. We didn't let him as afraid he might put in mouth again.


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