Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baking night with family members

 The night before nephew's 17 years old, the baking night to try out the Craft Kitchen yummylicious jars. Thanks to niece and sister-in-law making this night happened and everyone enjoy the yummylicious cookies and brownie. My niece says that the cookies tastes like Famous Amos cookies. Yum... Yum..

First get start with the cranberry white chip cookie, niece busy with arranging them before putting on the tray to bake them. My son likes the cookies so much he ate so many that next day he's complaining of having sort throat. 

We realize that we don't have oven so we used toaster oven instead. This is why we find it hard to control the temperature. 

After baking cookies we try the chocolate brownie. Niece told me the inside would be like melted hearts in Chinese language. Yes she's right about this! 

Nephews each of them take up a cup of brownie to eat. 
Yes to the maximum level
There goes sugar high, all night long.. 
Thank you sister-in-law and niece for the hard work of baking them. 

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