Saturday, July 12, 2014

Son visited dentist today

This morning headed to Taipan USJ, but first we head to Court 2 for breakfast. Over there I like to eat the curry mee it's not spicy for me, so I enjoy it but today I decided to have roasted chicken rice. Son's having burger with fries, not even half way eating the burger he says his toothache. It's so pain that he didn't want to continue to eat. My dear and I heartache to see him in pain, right away holding my cell phone I called the usual dentist that we visited. Sad to tell you that the clinic only accept patient that have prior booking for dentist. No doubt I called up to ask and was told that they are full and win patient every 15 minutes.

Then I message three of son's classmate's mom to ask. They suggested SS15 dentists, another is Empire Shopping Gallery. None of them that my dear wants to bring him to go since we are near to Taipain Usj, we decided to have a look there for dentist.

Lucky that dear having good eyes, spotted the dentist clinic opposite of Paparich restaurant. We went up and the staff is very friendly and though we were told that we need to wait for long she didn't give us any long face to see. We waited patiently for two patients to go see dentist.

Dentist checked his teeth and ask where he felt pain, then inform us that he needs to extract not one but two big gums of his. No kidding, son received 1st injection but still feeling pain when dentist tried to extract, he receive another 3 injections before the extract and crying so hard in pain. Dentist manage to extract 2 big gums and show it to us.

The dentist is in his 40s and he's well experience.


  1. Oh my, i hope your son is feeling better now.


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