Thursday, January 9, 2014

Postage of Prize to winners by registered post

Here's info on registered post for winners. Post out this morning at Aeon Big Subang Jaya Post Office. Somehow I forgot to bring the bills to settle. I thought of driving back then I look at the time. I waited in Post Office 20 minutes for my turn.

Sabiqah RD31495687MY
Suhaila RD31945695MY
Shafiqah RD314915660MY

Wow I just find out that my winners with name start of S just like me. :D

I had shopping today for my bro's twins. He's going back soon, I have gift for twins. They are six years old and going to school, the stationery will be useful for them.

Anyone going for movies lately? I almost go watch Devil's Due but that night heavy rain and I was too tired. My friend didn't go too, she was the one that told me the two passes available if I can go.



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