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Bricks4Kidz Blogger Session

I am sure everyone is familar with Lego brick. Do you know that you can learn and play with Lego brick?

Last Saturday I was invited to attend the Bricks4Kidz Blogger Session, I met with mommy Celeste and Jane. They too bring their children for the sessions. It is fun sessions for the children. My son and Jane's son are put together as partner to build and learn about Dragster model which they are going to build. 

 It is widely acknowledged that children learn better when they are having fun and are engaged in the lesson at hand. With a view to nurture and shape as many young minds as possible, Bricks4Kidz™  (B4K) has established four centres in Malaysia for the first time – in Sri Petaling, Sunway Giza, Petaling Jaya and Cheras, to effectively combine education with play.

At every B4K centre, children will have access to 130 proprietary B4K subject lessons that are designed to enhance their knowledge of the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Following set project kits and model plans, each lesson bears a different and exciting theme such as Space, Inventions, Famous Buildings and Amazing Animals where children learn to design and build using LEGO® bricks. For example, for children to learn about the Laws of Motion such as inertia and mass, they would have to design and build a clock or see-saw out of the LEGO® blocks. It is through this building process that children will come to understand and apply the concepts better. 
Furthermore, as most children will undoubtedly love playing with LEGO® blocks, learning about basic engineering and mathematical concepts through them will certainly encourage the children to be interested in science as well. 

Teacher Lisa of B4K Sunway Giza, explaining to the children about the sports car or race cars. For example what's touches the ground first for the race car. There is a picture of white and black flag the teacher asked children if they know where they can see it.

The children were given a Bricks4Kidz project kit to start of with Dragster Model. There is a manual booklet in it where children can refer to build. 

 The children get started to build and they learn of team building to make the dragster model.
Teacher Lisa explains to the children why the dragster model not moving probably, they need to check the Lego brick they put together. 

After the children build the Dragster they are given chance to play racing. Look how happy they are, they take turn playing racing to see which dragster model is fastest. Besides my son, Jane's children having fun too. The sisters build the dragster model together. 

Some very nice Lego models I find in Bricks4Kidz, you can view more picture at instagram sherrygo.

Above picture of mommy blogger me with Jane and Celeste, and Mr Demitrius Lam.

“With more than one centre opened in Malaysia, it is our hope that more children will be able to benefit from B4K’s unique educational programmes, and grow up to become successful architects and engineers in the future. If and when that happens, we in turn can look forward to their contributions to the growth and productivity of the country!” shared Mr Demitrius Lam, Managing Director of Creative Child Development Sdn Bhd and Master Licensee of B4K.

An internationally recognised child enrichment centre, B4K nurtures children to develop important life skills that will help them handle challenges in school and life, as well as to pursue viable careers in the future. Recognised for the programme’s success in 16 countries worldwide and over 300 locations in the United States of America (US), B4K is tailored specifically for children between the ages of four and eight, serving as an essential complementary programme over and above their regular education.

“Besides developing their creativity and imagination, learning with LEGO® bricks also helps children to develop sequential problem solving skills, advance their spatial and relational thinking, enhance EQ, foster teamwork as well as social and emotional skills, and nurture process-oriented thinking. The focus and patience required to complete their weekly projects will certainly help them to believe in their abilities and to have the confidence to overcome any challenges that may come their way. These are essential life skills that will shape their formative years until well into adulthood,” explained Mr Demitrius.

He continued, “Classes and modules at B4K are age-specific. For four-year olds, classes are conducted at the centre using LEGO® DUPLO® toddler building blocks, while five and six year-olds have the option of participating in B4K’s on-site and off-site mobile programmes held at kindergartens or community centres. On top of that, classes using set project kits at the centre are offered to those aged seven and above.”

Parents can also sign their children up for any of B4K’s many holiday camps, where they will be able to push their creativity and imagination to the limit within a high-energy, fast-paced setting, together with their peers. Additionally, parents can send their children with fun-filled, engaging field trips and/or organise special B4K birthday parties on their special day.

With such a variety of exciting and fun-filled educational activities at B4K, children can indeed learn, build and play their way into a bright and successful future ahead!
To see for yourself what B4K can offer your children, for further information please contact centers below
Sri Petaling, Mr Demitrius at 012-317 3236 or email at dlam@bricks4kidz.com.
Kota Damansara, Lisa Ong at 016-322 3525 or email at long@bricks4kidz.com
Taynton View Cheras, Jamie Lim at 012-935 8115 or email at jamielim@bricks4kidz.com
Petaling Jaya, Steven Chan at 012-292 0609 or email at stevenchan@bricks4kidz.com


They have weekday and weekend classes available, don't forget contact them for more details.

I would thank Bricks4Kidz for this wonderful experience in center Kota Damansara. 

In B4K Kota Damansara, they have weekend program - kidz workshop (7 to 10 year old) Junior workshop (4 to 6 year old).

Bricks4Kidz programs help develop a wide skills that are essential to children as they grow and learn during their formative years. Many of these skills like Spatial & Relational Thinking, Problem Solving, EQ and Sequencing.

 We are happy to be invited for the Bricks4Kidz Blogger session, son's very happy with the Lego he received. It is 3 in 1 Lego toy that he can build and play. Below picture where he has build the three designs.

Bricks4Kidz Named #1 Best Children's Enrichment Program Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine. 
The standout franchises of Bricks4Kidz and Challenge Island continue to prove that STEM programs for children make learning fun, while creating great opportunity. Entrepreneur Magazine has awarded Bricks4Kids, owned by Creative Learning Corporation of St. Augustine, Florida, the #1 Best Children's Enrichment Program Franchise for 2014, setting the stage for another stellar year for the growing company. 


  1. its a good opportunities for children to play and learn at the same time

  2. Both of us learned something from there. Hope to have more opportunities soon to learn more new things

    1. yeah we learned something new from there, it's not just Lego it's part of lifestyle too :D

  3. Very interesting activity. I hope I cant join it next time. Hihi

  4. B4K is a good platform for children enriching - fun and educational.
    Glad to know that the children are having lots of fun there :)

    1. yeah not just the fun playing Lego bricks but educational.

  5. I like the fact that they can learn and play at the same time :D


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