Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year & Check list on participants

Happy New Year, what's your resolution for this year? It is first day of school for son going to standard two, lots to do. I continue let him use the trolley school bag, his classroom is no longer ground floor.

Okay now let's check on whose taking part in My Mom's Best Giveaway, following is the participant list:

  1. rokot nuluhon
  2. Syuhada Salleh
  3. ArifahLee
  4. Eyma su
  5. Diya Arina
  6. Princess Neverland
  7. Qeela Aini
  8. WANIE@WaN
  9. Suhaida Zahari
  10. Diana Akmarul Nizam
  11. Ella Suhaila
  12. Nanie Jemiey
  13. Mieya Atiera
  14. Ena Amir
  15. Mama Darwiish
  16. athirah Safarudin
  17. IchiGo
  18. Hani Fadhina Abdul Rahman
  19. Yumida Huda
  20. Wanie Seuk
  21. Yun Sing
  22. Nor Quraisha Ismail
  23. Kenit Cinonet
  24. Ainim Sujut
  25. Invisible Me
  27. MG Schmidt
  28. ikafantasi
  29. nurul hidayah
  30. Sofyy Lavender
  31. Aimifiqa
  32. ika zulkefli
  33. Kisah Nenot
  34. Kin Naz
  35. love pastel
  36. Akeyla Azmi
  37. Mimie AddNin
  38. amal
With total 38 participants, now my blog gained 201 GFC followers. Do check if your name is on the list. Winner will be announced soon, as for new giveaway check out sherry shopping blog.


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