Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Holiday

I know this weekend will be filled with fun for some people, I don't know of mine. Anyway above picture of me I tried out the C Michael hair dye which is my mom's favourite colour. I used the exact same colour that she used before but it turned out my hair is not like hers. I guess my hair is darker so it doesn't show off the redness of the colour. I choose the radiant red colour for this Chinese New Year. 

I had my hair cut but above picture is before the hair cut. I did hair cut in Midvalley which cost me only RM10. 

What's your plan on this Chinese New Year or Holidays? 

Some of my son's friends been asking about my eyes, they don't know why I have squint eyes. Eventually one boy asked if I am blind, if I am blind I will not be able to see I told him. My bro K always tease me of my eyes, a few years back a relative told me that her grandson also have squint eyes and he undergoes surgery which cost RM6,000. 


  1. Happy Chap Goh Mei / Happy Valentine's Day to you and love ones.
    I also do my own hair coloring, I normally bought them at Guardian Pharmacy :)

    1. yeah it's much cheaper doing own hair colouring

  2. Replies
    1. shall try dye another color this month or next month.

  3. Cool don't forget to share the result here with us ;)


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